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1780/2800/3500 Mill Lines Brief Introduction

Part Ⅰ: 150T Converter-1780mm hot continuous rolling production line Introduction:

In this production line, about steel making part there is one hot metal desulfurization station,two 150t converters,two LF refining furnaces,two RH refining furnaces,two dual-flow slab continuous caster,the production capacity can be 3.6 million tons per year; furthermore,the technology and device of 1780 hot continuous rolling was introduced from abroad,using high pressure water coarse,fine phosphorus removal equipment,two rough mills,finishing mill group with 7 CVC rollers,the whole part using hydraulic AGC system,and be equipped with interstand cooling system and laminar cooling device after strip steel rolled,three downcoilers,then production capacity for the good quality hot rolled sheet is about 3.5 billion per year,otherwise,our company owning one skin pass mill production line which capacity is eight hundred thousand tons per year.

product category series: carbon structural steel plate,high-quality carbon structural steel plate,low-alloy structural steel plate,pipeline steel plate,low-carbon steel plate,automotive steel plate,high-strength steel plate,welded cylinder steel plate,bridge steel plate,weather resistant steel plate and so on.

Product usage: 1780mm hot rolled product is widely used in heavy automobile making,ship making,container making,product oil pipeline engineering and checkered plate making and so on.

Part Ⅱ:  100T BOF melting-2800mm medium plate production line

100tons converter/100tons EAFs-2800mm medium plate produce all kinds of high quality steel plate 1.5 million tons per year.Steel making system mainly include one piece of 900tons mix iron furnace,one 100tons combined blown coverter,one refining furnace 100tons,one VD  vacuum refining furnace and one continuous straightening slab caster which with international advanced level streaming radius continuous straightening slab continuous casting machine, using protective casting in the whole course, the system of hydraulic vibration for crystallizer, and one set of deburring machine.Rolled steel part include 3 sets of heating furnace,3# furnace is High coke mixed gas double regenerative heating furnace two sets reversible coarse finishing mill with 4 rollers which  rolling force up to 50000KN,one 11 roller leveler,three chain-type cooling beds,two sets circle shear,one rolling-type dividing shear,two sets cross cut shears and so on.finishing mill is equipped with  electric APC+ Hydraulic AGC system,behind the finishing mill,there is high precision thickness gauge and laser photometer, to make sure high precision rolling.

2800mm medium plate product category series: Shipbuilding plate,boiler and pressure vessels plate,bridge structure plate,low alloy structure plate,automobile frame plate,high quality carbon structural plate,high rise building structural steel plate,pipeline plate,lamellar tearing resistance plate,EN standard Non-alloy structural steel plate,hot rolled plate and so on,widely used for ship structure making,transporting,energy engineering,machine manufacturing,constructional engineering and petrochemical engineering and so on.

Part Ⅲ: 150T BOF melting-3500mm steckel mill production line

This technical process is one of two intact steckle mill production lines for medium plate in domestic,it is also a modernization plate production line which involves in melted iron pretreatment,refining,continuous casting and steckel mill,the total investment is about more than 3 billion yuan.steckel mill's production capacity is 1.4 million tons.Steel making system main part include melted iron pretreatment device,150tons combined blown coverter, LF secondary refining,VD vacuum degassing units,RH vacuum cycle device,they can fulfill full automatization steel making. 

Continuous casting system adopts international advanced technology,such as dynamic soft reduction, dynamic water distribution, breakout detection system and so on,otherwise,3250 slab casting machine adopts Germany SMS advanced technology. 3500mm steckel mill introduced Italy Danieli technique in 2006,and owning HAGC,HAWC and TMCP many advanced technology. 

product category series: carbon construction steel, low alloy structural steel,shipbuilding steel,bridge steel,boiler and pressure vessel steel,pipeline steel, Z direction steel,low carbon bainite steel, weathering resistant steel and so on.

Product usage: airport,railway station,bridge,signal tower and hydraulic support,etc.

Part Ⅳ 3500/2800 medium plate production line main varieties





lamellar tearing resistant steel plate

Q235series,Q345series,Q345q series,Q245R,Q345R(Z15,Z25,Z35)



high rise building structural steel plate

Q235GJ(Z), Q345GJ(Z)



high strength low carbon bainite steel plate



technology agreement

pipeline steel plate

B,X42, X52, X56,  X60, X65, X70,  X80, L245, L320,  L360,L390, L415,  L450, L485(M)


API 5L,GB/T21237 technology agreement

weld weather resistant steel plate

Q235NH, Q295NH,Q355NH,Q415NH Q460NH ,Q500NH, Q550NH


GB/T4171 technology agreement

high strength weather resistant steel plate



GB/T4171 technology agreement

Anti-acid leakage corrosion steel plate

09CrCuSb, Q315NS, Q345NS, AG440NS, AG470NS


GB/T28907 technology agreement

EN Non-alloy structural steel plate

S235, S275, S355



JIS welding structure steel plate

SM400, SM490, SM520, SM570


JIS G3106 technology agreement

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