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Since established in 1998, the Quality Inspection Department shoulders the task with most strict work requirements. All members in Quality Inspection Department work hard, aggressive, and spare no effort in the performance of their duty for the customer's requirements. And they receive highly praise from both customers and intracompany every year!

1. Organizational Structure of Quality Inspection Department

The Quality Inspection Department has one director, 4 team leaders and more than 20 quality engineers.

2. Mainly Work of Quality Inspection Department

  • To create the inspection standards and inspection specifications according to the technical documentations;To implement the inspection of raw materials, outsourcing parts, purchased parts, homemade parts,product procedure and finished product, and issue the test report.
  • Organize the internal review of nonconforming product, to create the corrective, preventive and improvement measures according to the quality problems, and tracking verification.
  • Responsible for the overall management of quality records , make regular quality analysis and evaluation on partner suppliers.
  • Responsible the work of metrological management, regularly check metrical instrument and make the records.
  • Responsible for the control of inspection, measuring and test equipment, to make sure that product quality can meet the requirements of the regulations.
  • Responsible for the quality inspection of all the products of the company and prepare inspection report.
  • To participate in the analysis and processing of end user’s feedback.
  • Spare no effort on supporting third party inspection.

3. Quality Control:

Quality Inspection Department is involved as soon as the customer place order.

  • Recommend appropriate processing suggestions and reliable quality and reputable suppliers to production department.

  • After placing orders to the factory, relevant team will dispatch representative, supervises the entire production process and product quality, regularly send production progress report to the customer, If they find any production or processing problems, they will communicate with the customer in time so that guarantee the delivery time and product quality.

  • According to the product standards and customer's requirements, carry out the ex-factory inspection, check the appearance, dimension, chemical composition, mechanical properties respectively, and complete the inspections which are stipulated in the corresponding product standards.

    We can also take samples and do the professional testing of chemical composition and mechanical properties if customer has extra requirement.

  • Supervision of Loading: to guarantee the port of loading workers do container stuffing in accordance with the customer or our request.

  • After we complete the order, the inspection report will be in duplicate, one will be sent to customer and another will keep record in our company. The below inspection report sample for you reference: