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Chemical composition of 16Mo3 steel plate

Chemical composition of 16Mo3 steel plate

16Mo3 steel plate belongs to the European standard container plate.

The name of 16Mo3 is named according to the carbon and molybdenum content in the steel plate. The carbon content in the 16Mo3 steel plate is about 160, and the molybdenum content is about 300. It can be seen from this that the 16Mo3 steel plate has high strength and toughness. When the molybdenum content in the steel plate is less than 5%, the patience of the weld metal is relatively high. If the molybdenum content is greater than 3%, it will be very brittle in the later stage, which means It can also highlight the heat resistance and corrosion resistance characteristics of 16Mo3 steel plate.

Chemical composition of 16Mo3 steel plate: (%)

Carbon: 12-20

Molybdenum: less than 35

Manganese: 40-9

Phosphorus: less than 0.25

Copper: less than 30

Chromium: less than 30

Nickel: less than 30

The implementation standard of 16Mo3 steel plate is EN10028 (European standard), EN10222-2 (foreign standard), and its corresponding domestic standard is 12Cr1MoV, 16Mo3 is a high-performance alloy material. 16Mo3 is widely used in domestic petroleum, chemical industry, power station boiler and other industries, and is mostly used in the manufacture and welding of boilers and pressure vessels in these enterprises.

The delivery state of 16Mo3 steel is usually in the normalized delivery state, but it can also be without heat treatment according to requirements.

The common cutting methods of 16Mo3 steel include flame cutting, plasma cutting, water cutting, laser cutting, shearing machine or wire cutting and other cutting methods, and different cutting methods can be selected according to requirements.

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