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What is the difference between the shipbuilding steel plate AH32 and AH36?

What is the difference between the shipbuilding steel plate AH32 and AH36?

Shanghai Katalor Enterprises Co., Ltd serves as the professional producer and exporter for steel, and our iron and steel are well-known around the world. We possess a large stock up of shipbuilding steel plates-AH36 and AH32. Here we introduced the difference between them.
Generally AH36 refers to the hot-rolled hull structural steel that are produced for hull structures according to the construction specifications of the classification society. It is the special steel for order, production and sales, commonly including the ship plate, section steel and so on.

As a kind of shipbuilding steel plates, AH32 steel is mainly produced for the hull, deck ,etc. of ocean, coastal and inland waterway ships.
AH36 steel, H stands for high strength while 36 for 360MPa, A is the steel grade that can be divided into 4 grades( A, B, D, E). So the meaning of this code is the high strength class A shipbuilding steel with 360MPa Yield strength.

AH32: the pressure is the high strength grade A shipbuilding steel with 320MPa yield strength.
The shipbuilding steel plates refer to the hot-rolled steel plates according to the construction specification of the classification society and are mainly used in the hull, deck, etc. of ocean, coastal and inland waterway ships. Due to the following main reasons, the hull structure desires for high-quality steels:
1) The ship works in a tough environment, and the hull shell is subjected to the chemical corrosion, electrochemical corrosion as well as marine life and microbial corrosion.
2) It withstands the impact of large waves and alternating load.
3) It is complicated for the ship processing formation and so on.
Good toughness is the most critical point. Besides, it demands high strength, good corrosion resistance, welding property, processing molding performance and surface quality.

Both the AH32 and AH36 are good shipbuilding steels. If you need shipbuilding steel plates- AH32 and AH36 steel, please contact us!


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