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Problems May Occur in NM360 Wear-Resistant Steel Purchasing

Problems May Occur in NM360 Wear-Resistant Steel Purchasing

NM360 wear-resistant steel plate is too thin, the lower the product strength, the easier it is to deform, and even endanger personal safety. The NM360 wear-resistant steel plate is sold by weight, so many manufacturers are desperately trying to reduce the thickness of the NM360 wear-resistant steel plate to increase the length of the aluminum coil, thereby reducing the cost. The aluminum for the interior wall panel exterior wall panel shall be rust-proof aluminum, and the surface paint shall be the internationally recognized fluorocarbon paint with the best aging resistance, so as to ensure the product has long-term outdoor in the sun and rain. The service life. However, some use interior wall panels as exterior wall panels, and some use non-fluorocarbon paints to impersonate fluorocarbon paints, which seriously shortens product life and causes unnecessary economic losses. Product bubbling open the surface of the product can be clearly observed bubbling or NM360 steel strip peeling, and some appear after a period of use.
There are many reasons, such as poor bonding, contamination of raw materials, use of inferior raw materials, and introduction of air bubbles in the production process, which may affect the appearance and safety of the product. The choice of core material The aluminum-plastic composite core material is currently made of polyethylene instead of polyvinyl chloride. Because PVC will produce a strong deadly poison gas when burned, it has not been used in China.
Katalor is an ISO 9001:2008 certificated company, our prime quality NM360 steel plates are sold many countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Pakstan, Bangladesh, and Malaysia.

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