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JIS G3101 SS400 Steel: Equivalent Grades & Applications

JIS G3101 SS400 Steel: Equivalent Grades & Applications

What is SS400 Steels?SS400 steel is a structural hot Rolled steel in the form of plates, sheets & strips for general structural applications. SS400 is a material grade and designation defined in JIS G 3101 standard. JISG 3101 is a Japanese material standard for hot Rolled steel plates, sheets, strips for general structural usage. The structural quality hot rolled SS400 steel is more reliable in its tensile strength thanSS330 steel.

Dimensional Characteristics of SS400 Steels:The applicable thickness for this SS400 material as defined in the JIS 3101 starts from 6 mm to 120 mm.

SS400 steel is the most commonly used hot-rolled structural steel (formerly known as SS41) in Japan, and is called general structural rolled steel in JIS G3101. SS400 material is cheap and versatile, and plays an important role in construction, bridges, civil engineering and mechanical equipment structures. Its appearance includes round steel, flat steel, steel plates, steel strips and profiles.

Material SS400 Meaning

SS400 Steel meaning: SS is the abbreviation of steel structure, 400 means that the tensile strength is ≥ 400 MPa.

SS41 Meaning: 41 means that the tensile strength is 41kgf/mm2 or higher.

Comparative Materials

PHC steelcomparison with this grade of SS400 material will show how general structure hot rolled steel differs with commercial quality SPHC steel in chemical composition & mechanical properties.

SUS304 stainless steelis also a material used in architecture, however, it is far more corrosion resistant than SS400 material.

Equivalent Grades

In American standards,ASTM A36and ASTM A283 Grade Dare referred to as equivalent materials.

In European standards,EN S275 and BS 43Aare referred to as equivalent materials.

Applicationsof JIS G3101 SS400 Steel

Applications of this steel grade are as follows:

Making structural tubes

Making pipes

Making rods

Making various other structural sections and steel

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