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Basic elements of A36 steel heat treatment

Basic elements of A36 steel heat treatment

A36 steel is one of the most commonly used structural steels today. A36 steel is a low alloy steel; however, A36 steel is considered to be the safest low carbon steel due to a carbon content of up to 0.29% and a low carbon steel content of less than 0.25%. Therefore, direct heat treatment is not applicable.

There are three basic elements in the A36 steel heat treatment process: heating, holding, and cooling. These three basic elements determine the organization and properties of A36 steel after heat treatment.
Heating is the first step in the A36 steel  heat treatment. Different A36 steel materials have different heating processes and heating temperatures. There are two types of heating, one is heating below the critical point A1, and no tissue change occurs at this time. The other is heating above A1 in order to obtain a uniform austenite structure, a process known as austenite.

The purpose of heat preservation is to ensure that the workpiece is burned through to prevent decarburization, oxidation and the like. The holding time and media selection are directly related to the size and material of the workpiece. Generally, the larger the workpiece, the worse the thermal conductivity and the longer the holding time.
According to the position and effect of A36 steel heat treatment in the production process of parts, the heat treatment process can be divided into preliminary heat treatment and final heat treatment. The preparatory heat treatment is an intermediate process (also called intermediate heat treatment) in the processing of parts. The purpose is to improve the forging and casting blanks, to eliminate stress, and to prepare for subsequent machining or further heat treatment. The final heat treatment is the final process of the part processing, the purpose of which is to achieve the required performance of the A36 steel parts after the forming process has reached the required shape and size.
Cooling is the final step of A36 steel heat treatment and the most important process for heat treatment. A36 steel can be converted to different tissues at different cooling rates.

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