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Global steel production capacity surplus Industry focus on high quality development

Global steel production capacity surplus Industry focus on high quality development


Recently, the 10th China International Iron and Steel Conference was held in Beijing. Many world-class steel guests were invited to attend. The theme of this conference is the governance of the world's steel. The organizers hope that distinguished guests can share how their companies deal with global challenges in the steel industry. Reform and innovation initiatives, and contributions to the governance of the world's steel. Focusing on high quality development is also a major feature of this conference.

The current production mode of the steel industry is not sustainable

Edwin Basong, Director-General of the World Steel Association, first made a leading speech in the forum section entitled “The Common Prosperity and Sustainable Future of the Iron and Steel Industry”. Basong said that there is no sustainable steel industry, today’s society. It cannot survive. Steel is still a basic product. Global steel production will emit carbon dioxide into the atmoSPHEre. We must solve the problem of carbon dioxide emissions. We have made progress now and hope to further reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the steel industry in the future.

Bassong stressed that in the next two decades, our existing capacity will be able to meet the demand. In the future, we must improve the quality of products and improve the efficiency of steelmaking. If we can find ways to solve environmental problems, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, solve the challenges posed by the use of steel, and not excessively invest in new production capacity, we will certainly The long-term sustainable development of the steel industry.



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