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B480GNQR Marine Bulb flat steel

B480GNQR Marine Bulb flat steel


B480GNQR bulb flat steel is a kind of medium section, mainly used in the field of shipbuilding and to build a bridge, and it is including Marine bulb flat steel in shipbuilding with auxiliary material. With the rapid development of the shipbuilding industry in recent years, B480GNQR Marine bulb flat steel demand is rising. When designing larger ship and regular ship hull,it, generally,will use B480GNQR Marine bulb flat steel

 Currently the economic benefits of B480GNQR bulb flat steel production can reach 1.5 ~ 2 times more than profiles,and has a relatively stable market demand. But the biggest obstacle is complex specification, small bulk and low yield. Half-baked specification is very difficult to occupy the market, the entire specification, mill and roll into larger.

It has the same material for bulb steel and shipbuilding.Dividing into the general intensity levels (A, B and D, etc.) and high strength (AH32, AH36, DH32 and DH36, etc.). Different classification society certification planking needs different classification society certification.

Since 1998, the average intensity of the bulb flat steel has been dominant. But with the development of the shipbuilding industry,the use of high strength bulb flat steel is more and more widely. So far,the use of high strength in bulb flat steel is greater than the general strength.


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