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What role does stainless steel play in the food industry?

What role does stainless steel play in the food industry?

The modern food industry has made great progress, and high-quality pipes are needed to ensure the hygiene and quality of food. Many common beverages are acidic, and if ordinary steels are used in food industry, they are easily corroded. Therefore, the food industry mainly use the stainless steel to prevent the corrosion from the acidic substances.

High temperature sterilization is the most common method of sterilization in beverage production. The 304 stainless steel pipe can resist the erosion of acidic substances under the condition of long-term high temperature, and will not be damaged, ensuring the stability of production.

In the sugar industry, copper, steel, and cast iron have been used in the part in contact with sugar in the past. However, if copper, steel, and cast iron are used for a long time, black oxide scale will be formed on the surface, which cannot be separated from sugar liquid. In addition, caustic soda and dilute sulfuric acid are also used when washing, and the equipment is required to have good corrosion resistance. Therefore, 304 stainless steel pipes and 316 stainless steel pipes are generally used.

In the refreshing beverage industry, considering the harmful effects of lead, zinc and other metals on the human body, as well as iron and copper easily polluted products, which affect the flavor of the products, its production equipment is basically 304 stainless steel equipment.

In the wine industry, clean, sterile, and alcohol-resistant pipes are required, so filters and storage tanks are generally made of 304 stainless steel.

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