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What is the XAR500 steel?

What is the XAR500 steel?

XAR500 steel is a special structural steel plate, which has extremely high wear resistance. Generally speaking, the higher the hardness, the higher the wear resistance of the corresponding steel plate. Excellent martensite or martensite-bainite structure. In addition, a certain percentage of molybdenum, nickel, and boron alloy content in the steel plate ensures uniform physical and mechanical properties in the thickness direction. In addition, a large number of wear tests have proven that the chromium content of about 1.5% in the XAR series wear-resistant steel plates can more effectively improve the wear resistance, especially in weakly acidic media.

What is the XAR500 steel's properties?
XAR500 wear-resistant steel mechanical characteristics (typical parameters of 15mm thick steel plate)
*) 1MPa = 1N / mm2
Carbon equivalent CET (%) CET = C + (Mn + Mo) / 10 + (Cr + Cu) / 20 + Ni / 40 0.41
Carbon equivalent CE (%) CE = C + Mn / 6 + (Cr + Mo + V) / 5 + (Ni + Cu) / 15 0.62
Yield strength (Mpa) *) 1300
Tensile strength (MPa) *) 1600
Elongation at break A (%) 9
Notched Impact Energy on Charpy V-Longitudinal Specimens (J) at -40 ° C 25

What is the application of XAR500 steel?
XAR500 wear-resistant steel is widely used in open-air and easy-wearing building structures, such as: excavators, bulldozers, soil handling equipment machinery, mining machinery and equipment, garbage tilting trucks, buckets, screening machines, grinders, crushers, grinding devices , Grabs, mixers, road construction machinery, agricultural installations, etc.

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