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What is application of A387Gr12CL2 alloy

What is application of A387Gr12CL2 alloy

A387Gr12CL2 chromium-molybdenum alloy steel plate has the properties of preventing hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, hydrogen stripping, and sulfide corrosion in the environment of hydrogen (350-480 ℃), and has good low tempering brittleness. It is widely used in fertilizers, petrochemicals Manufacturing of thermal power plant equipment, such as synthetic ammonia reactors, coal gasifiers, shift furnaces, and hydrogenation reactors.

A387 Gr12 CL2 alloy plate and sheet specification

Thickness: 6mm-300mm
Width: 1500mm-4200mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm
Heat Treatment: Normalized, as rolled
The use of special smelting methods to reduce the phosphorus content makes A387Gr12CL2 steel with high brittleness resistance and good impact toughness in low temperature environments.
A387Gr12CL2 material is suitable for refining and gas treatment in hydrogenation reaction and conversion equipment at high temperature. The maximum thickness of the steel plate can reach 250mm. According to different thickness and impact requirements, the heat treatment of ASTM A387 Grade 12 alloy steel plate is selected to be normalizing plus tempering or normalizing plus rapid cooling plus tempering.

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