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What are the advantages of seamless steel pipes?

What are the advantages of seamless steel pipes?

Compared with many steels, seamless steel pipes have excellent characteristics. Compared with solid steels such as round steels, they are lighter in weight when the bending and torsional strength is the same. They are economical section steels and are widely used. So what are the advantages of seamless steel pipes?

1. The seamless steel pipe is light in weight, and its weight is only 1/5 of the square steel.

2. Seamless steel pipeis resistant to acid, alkali, salt and atmoSPHEric corrosion, high temperature resistance, good impact resistance and fatigue resistance, no need for regular maintenance, and an effective service life of more than 15 years.

3. The tensile strength of seamless steel pipe is more than 8-10 times that of ordinary steel, the elastic modulus is better than that of steel, and it has excellent creep resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance;

4. The seamless steel pipe has excellent mechanical properties and easy machining.

5. Seamless steel pipehas high elasticity. Seamless steel pipe can be repeated use in mechanical equipment, no memory, no deformation, and antistatic.

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