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The role of various chemical elements in 15CrMo alloy steel pipe

The role of various chemical elements in 15CrMo alloy steel pipe

15CrMo alloy steel pipe is a kind of seamless steel pipe. Its performance is much higher than that of ordinary seamless steel pipe. Because this steel pipe contains more Cr, its high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance are not comparable to other seamless steel pipes. Therefore, 15crmo alloy steel pipes are widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, boiler and other industries.

C can form pearlite or dispersed precipitated alloy carbides in the 15CrMo alloy steel pipe to strengthen the steel.

Mn, high Mn/C ratio is good for improving the yield strength and impact toughness of 15CrMo alloy steel pipe.

Si, most low-alloy high-strength steels are not alloyed with silicon, but in hot-rolled ferrite-martensitic multiphase steels, silicon is an indispensable additive element.

Mo, 15CrMo alloy steel pipe containing molybdenum (~0.15%Mo) has higher strength and higher toughness than traditional ferrite-pearlite steel.

Nb, V, Ti, adding 0.05-0.15% Nb (or V, Ti) to low-carbon manganese steel or low-carbon manganese-molybdenum steel has obvious grain refinement and precipitation hardening effects. Titanium forms sulfides in steel to improve the anisotropy of impact absorption and cold formability.

Rare earth elements (RE); trace amounts (about 0.001%) of rare earth metals do not affect the strength of 15CrMo alloy steel pipes. Its main function is desulfurization, and it is the most effective sulfide morphology control element, reducing the anisotropy of toughness and preventing laminar tearing of steel.

Other elements such as Ni, Cr, Cu, etc., are not very effective in solid solution hardening in microalloyed steel, and are generally controlled in a lower content range in non-quenched and tempered steel.

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