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The difference between galvanized steel pipe and ordinary steel pipe

The difference between galvanized steel pipe and ordinary steel pipe

Ordinary steel pipes have worse corrosion resistance than galvanized steel pipes. Galvanizing refers to the galvanizing of the surface of the steel pipe. It can be a welded tube or a seamless tube. Seamless refers to the manufacturing process of steel pipes, with welding and no stitching points. Galvanized steel pipe is corrosion-resistant, seamless pipe can withstand higher pressure, and galvanized steel pipe is not easy to rust due to the protection of zinc.

The main differences between galvanized steel pipe and ordinary steel pipe are:

1. Manufacturing process: galvanized steel pipes and ordinary steel pipes are the two major types of steel pipes. Galvanizing means that the surface of the steel pipe is galvanized, while ordinary steel pipes do not.

2. Uses: galvanized steel pipes are generally used for fences, guardrails, etc., and are widely used in municipal engineering, roads, factories, schools, development zones, gardens, squares, residential areas and other places.

3. Durability: galvanized steel pipe is more resistant to corrosion, while ordinary steel pipe can withstand higher pressure. Due to the protection of zinc, galvanized steel pipes are not easy to rust and are lighter than ordinary steel pipes.

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