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Steel Mn13 wear-resistant material

Steel Mn13 wear-resistant material

In recent decades, with the rapid development of modern industry and the rapid advancement of science and technology, high manganese steel has become a wear-resistant material in advanced equipment such as maglev trains, safes, bulletproof vehicles, rock drilling robots, and new tanks. Many new materials and modern surface engineering technologies are still unable to compare with high manganese steel in terms of cost performance.
Steel Mn13 is a good choice among wear-resistant materials such as resistance to strong impact and high-pressure material wear. It has work hardening characteristics that other wear-resistant materials cannot match. Under the action of greater impact load or greater contact stress, the surface layer of the Mn13 steel plate will undergo work hardening, and the surface hardness will increase rapidly from HB200 to above HB500, resulting in a highly wear-resistant surface layer, while the austenite in the inner layer of the steel plate remains in good condition. The impact toughness. There are two characteristics of high manganese steel: one is that the greater the external impact load, the higher the wear resistance of its own surface layer; the other is that as the surface hardened layer gradually wears, new work hardened layers will continue to form.
Because of its special properties, high manganese steel is suitable for making wear-resistant components that can withstand high-impact materials for a long time. It has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, building materials, railways, electric power, coal and other mechanical equipment for a long time.

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