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SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel properties

SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel properties

Material SA387 Gr11 CL2
Standard: ASME SA387
SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel mechanical properties
Tensile strength σb (MPa): ≥440(45), yield strength σs (MPa): ≥295(30)
Elongation δ5 (%): ≥22, section shortening rate ψ(%): ≥60
Impact energy Akv (J): ≥94, impact toughness value αkv (J/cm2): ≥118(12)
Hardness: ≤179HB, sample size: sample blank size is 30mm
Heat treatment specification and metallographic arrangement: Heat treatment specification: quenching 900, air cooling; tempering 650, air cooling.
SA387 Gr11 CL2 plate delivery condition: normalizing + tempering
When the SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel plate is delivered according to normalizing and tempering, the steel mill's temper rolling production process is more stringent. Therefore, the production of SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel plate is a test of skill function and steel plant quality. Wugang was at the forefront when it developed SA387 Gr11 CL2, and its function was very good. SA387 Gr11 CL2 is a type of boiler vessel steel plate. The steel plate used for the cylinder and the head (including the bottom layer of the composite steel plate) and fulfills the specifications: SA387/SA387M, SA387 Gr11 CL2 is the American standard chromium molybdenum alloy steel plate, and is also the American standard container plate. -480) It has the functions of avoiding hydrogen embrittlement, hydrogen corrosion, hydrogen stripping, and sulfide corrosion in the hydrogen environment. It also has outstanding low tempering brittleness.

Which industry is SA387 Gr11 CL2 steel plate widely used?

SA387 Gr11 CL2 belongs to 1.25Cr-0.5Mo series pearlitic heat-resistant steel, which has outstanding high temperature strength, oxidation resistance and sulfide corrosion resistance below 500. SA387 Gr11 CL2 data is suitable for the essence and gas treatment in hydrogenation reaction and conversion equipment at high temperature, the maximum thickness of steel can reach 250mm thickness. It is widely used in the cylinder, head and coke tower (including the bottom layer of composite steel plate) in high-temperature and high-pressure container equipment in coal chemical industry and petrochemical industry.

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