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S500MC material steel ideal for automobile industry application

S500MC material steel ideal for automobile industry application

S500MC material is a new material introduced with the introduction of foreign related technologies. Because of its high strength, high toughness, low carbon content, etc., it becomes an ideal material suitable for the lightweight and high-strength design requirements of locomotive bogie frames.
S500MC grade is a high-strength structural steel. S means structure, 500 means the yield strength is not less than 500MPa.
High frequency fatigue characteristics of S500MC steel plate
The high-frequency fatigue test was performed on the S500MC sample by the lifting method, and the stress-life (S) curve was drawn according to the obtained data, and the fatigue limit under the stress ratio R=0.1 was determined. A series of high-frequency fatigue characteristic parameters were also obtained as follows : The tensile strength of S500MC steel is 635MPa, and the fatigue limit σ is 471MPa, which is more than 70% of the tensile strength. On the S-N curve of the double logarithmic coordinate system, the intercept of the oblique line is SRl=1613MPa, the slope b=-0.08933, Na1=2.03×10°, and the correlation coefficient R=-0.95453.
The various static and fatigue fracture properties of S500MC material are the basis for structural strength analysis, durability and damage tolerance design. Microalloyed high-strength steel S500MC can be widely used in automobiles and other fields due to its combination of higher strength and higher toughness and plasticity.

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