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QStE340TM hot rolled pickling coil price

QStE340TM hot rolled pickling coil price

QStE340TM hot-rolled pickling coil prices fell in the morning. The steel prices fell by 20, market prices fell, and overall transactions were poor.

The latest hot-rolled pickling prices in the Shanghai market today show a downward trend in the mainstream trend. Among them, the price of Katalor Industry hot-rolled pickling coil 2.5*1250 size QStE340TM steel: 4940 yuan/ton, down 20 from yesterday; the price of 2.75 *1250 QStE340TM hot-rolled pickling coil : 4880 yuan/ton, down 20 from yesterday; the price of QStE340TM hot-rolled pickled coil 3.0*1500 size: 4870 yuan/ton, down 20 from yesterday.

QStE340TM hot rolled coils stock size
QStE340TM 1.5*1250*2500
QStE340TM 1.8*1250*2500
QStE340TM 2.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 2.3*1250*2500
QStE340TM 2.5*1250*2500
QStE340TM 3.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 3.2*1250*2500
QStE340TM 3.5*1250*2500
QStE340TM 4.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 4.5*1250*2500
QStE340TM 5.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 5.5*1250*2500
QStE340TM 6.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 7.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 8.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 9.0*1250*2500
QStE340TM 10*1250*2500
It is expected that the price of hot-rolled pickling coil in Shanghai may fluctuate weakly in the short term.

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