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Q690D steel plate for excavators

Q690D steel plate for excavators

Q690D steel belongs to high-strength welded structural steel. Among them, Q represents the yield strength, 690 represents the yield strength value, and D represents the grade of the steel plate; the common steel plate quality grades are A, B, C, D, and E. The impact of grade D steel plate is -20°C. Q690D can be called low temperature resistant high strength steel with a yield strength of 690Mpa. Q690D steel plate has high yield strength and tensile strength, and is widely used in coal mining machinery and engineering machinery, such as hydraulic supports, port cranes, and flatbed trucks.
Q690D steel plate for excavators
Place of Origin: Wugang Delivery Status: TMCP+ Tempering, and Tempering
Executive standard: GB/T1591-2008, GB/T16270-2009
WQ690D similar grades: Q690D, ASTM SQ690D WISCO HG785D
Project application and prospects
Heavy machinery, marine engineering, metal structure and other manufacturing companies have combined Katalor Industry and Wugang to produce Q690D for use in their corporate production and construction projects. The prospects for exports to the United States, Canada, Australia, India, and Europe are promising. More than 10,000 tons Q690D steel plate for excavators have been directly supplied to European customers. Leading technology, highly clean molten steel, strong research and development capabilities, 8mm-120mm thick.

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