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Q355ND low alloy steel plate

Q355ND low alloy steel plate

GB/T1591-2018 Q355ND steel is a low-alloy high-strength structural steel. Q355ND plate is not only high-strength steel, it is also low-carbon steel.

Q355ND low alloy steel plate has high strength, good fatigue resistance; high toughness and low brittleness transition temperature; good cold forming performance and welding performance; good corrosion performance and certain wear resistance.

Low alloy Q355ND steel chemistry(%)

C: ≤ 0.20,Si: ≤ 0.5,Mn: 0.90-1.65,P: 0.030, S: 0.030,Nb: 0.005-0.05, V: 0.01-0.12, Ti: 0.006-0.05, Cr: ≤ 0.30, Ni: ≤ 0.50, Cu: ≤ 0.40 Mo: ≤ 0.10, N: ≤ 0.015, Als: not less than 0.01.
Q355ND low alloy steel is in hot rolling, normalizing, normalizing rolling or thermomechanical rolling (TMCP) state.

Q355ND low alloy steel plate application

Q355ND plate is suitable for electric towers, various types of cranes, heavy vehicles, oil derricks, high temperature fans, large electric shovels, dump trucks and drilling rigs, coal mine hydraulic supports, steel structures, etc.

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