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Q345B seamless square pipes connection methods

Q345B seamless square pipes connection methods

There are three connection methods for Q345B seamless square pipes, namely arc welding and electric welding connection, pipe hoop groove excavation connection, and flange connection.
1. Welding connection method
Welding and joining two seamless Q345B square pipes is a common connection method. This type of method is relatively time-consuming, but it is true for the overall quality, and it is not easy to leak after arc welding and electric welding.
2. Connection method of pipe hoop trench excavation
Pipe collar trench excavation connection is a popular connection method in the past. The construction is convenient and quick. It only needs to excavate two seamless pipes with the production trench, and then use the pipe collar to terminate the connection. This method requires Very good quality hose clamps, poor quality hose clamps are prone to leaks, leaving a safety risk for future users.
3. Flange piece connection method
Flange connection is generally used in connection with the stop valve.

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