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The cold-rolled coils price in the Shanghai market continues to rise

The cold-rolled coils price in the Shanghai market continues to rise

Today, the price of cold-rolled coils in the Shanghai market continues to rise, and the overall market turnover is average. According to feedback from traders: after the price increase, the transaction performance is average. As prices continue to rise, the price difference between hot and cold is 880 yuan/ton. Market merchants are generally cautious about the market outlook and their enthusiasm for ordering is weak. On the whole, it is expected that there will be some momentum in the later price.
China's cold rolled spot prices continue to rise generally. From a fundamental point of view, the main reason is that the early-stage dealers' orders for cold-rolled coils are relatively small, and the current inventory of cold-rolled coil resources on the market is very low. Near the end of the year, the demand for downstream industries such as automobiles and home appliances is still acceptable. The purchase volume has increased compared with the previous period, supporting katalor Industry cold rolled coil price continue to rise. Recently, downstream demand has been generally weak, transactions have been sporadic, and traders have been cautious in their operations, basically focusing on digesting existing inventories. Taken together, the current fundamentals and overall demand for cold-rolled coils are expected to continue to rise in the short-term domestic cold-rolled coil market tomorrow.

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