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National hot rolled coil market price May 15

National hot rolled coil market price May 15

On the 15th, the prices of hot-rolled coils in major cities across the country rose sharply. As of 15th May, the national average price of 3.0 hot-rolled coils was 3603 RMB/ ton, an increase of 19 yuan / ton from the previous trading day, and the national average of 4.75 hot-rolled coils The price was 3544 RMB / ton, up 19 yuan / ton from the previous trading day.
In terms of different regions, prices in East China, South China, Central China, and North China rose sharply, prices in Northeast China rose slightly, and prices in Southwest China and Northwest China remained flat. Today, the black commodity futures market remained strong and volatile. The 10 contract closed up 0.63%. The spot market quotation was temporarily stable. The market trading atmoSPHEre was active. The transactions were good. The amount of resources in hand has dropped significantly compared with the previous period, and as prices have risen, speculative demand has emerged.
This week, with the recovery of steel mill profits and the end of some overhauls, the supply has increased significantly, but as the two sessions approached, the market mentality has clearly improved. Although high inventories still recover from production, it is still difficult to stop prices from rising, but high supply and large amounts in the later period Import resources need to continue to pay attention. On the whole, the short-term hot-rolled prices will remain strong and volatile, but it is still necessary to be alert to the accumulation of risks in the later period.

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