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ATSM A572 hot-rolled coil and plate market price in Henan province

ATSM A572 hot-rolled coil and plate market price in Henan province

The hot-rolled coil market price rose sharply this week in Henan Province, with a cumulative increase of about 70 yuan/ton. At present, the market prices of 1.8mm and 2.75mm hot-rolled coils of ATSM A572 are 4450 yuan/ton and 4220 yuan/ton respectively. The market price of 3.0mm ATSM A572 steel sheet is 4160 yuan/ton, and the market price of 3.5mm and above is about 4120 yuan/ton. The market price of ATSM A572 Grade 50 low-alloy steel plate above 4.5mm is about 4,080 yuan/ton.

Looking back this week, in the external market, the price of the local hot rolled market continued to rise at the beginning of the week. However, due to the relatively general demand in the near future, the market transaction weakened in the second half of the week. In terms of ATSM A572 hot-rolled coil and plate resources, Zhengzhou Hot Rolling has basically been in normal production recently, and shipments have increased compared with the previous period. Some local agents have continued to replenish the inventory, but the overall inventory is still relatively limited. On the whole, under the support of lower inventory, it is expected that the local market prices may continue to run firm in the short term.

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