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How much is Q345NQR2 steel plate

How much is Q345NQR2 steel plate

Katalor weathering steel Q345NQR2 price is 645USD/ton. In the market, these Q345NQR2 steel plates are highly evaluated for their various excellent properties. In addition, it has become an ideal choice for various applications in industry.

Q345NQR2 steel plate is characterized by high tensile strength, good dimensional accuracy, high durability, high flexibility, and excellent surface finish. 100% guaranteed corrosion resistance, crevice corrosion resistance, stress corrosion cracking resistance and corrosion resistance. Q345NQR2 atmospheric corrosion resistant steel is added with a small amount of alloying elements Cu, P, Cr, Ni, etc., to form a protective layer on the metal surface to improve atmospheric corrosion resistance. Weather-resistant structural steel is divided into two types: high-weather-resistant steel and welded weather-resistant steel. Welded weather-resistant steel has better welding performance, while high-weather-resistant structural steel has good atmospheric corrosion resistance. Q345NQR2 steel plate has a long service life.

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