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Do you know the curvature property of SPA-H steel?

Do you know the curvature property of SPA-H steel?

  Do you know SPA-H steel grade? What’s the curvature property of SPA-H steel? Katalor will offer SPA-H steel plates with large stock.

  1. Ovality property of SPA-H steel

  On the cross section of the SPA-H weathering steel plate, there is a phenomenon of unequal outer diameter, that is, there is a maximum outer diameter and a minimum outer diameter that are not necessarily perpendicular to each other. The difference between the maximum outer diameter and the minimum outer diameter is the ovality ( Or out of roundness). In order to control the ovality, some steel plate standards stipulate the allowable index of ovality, which is generally set to not exceed 80% of the outer diameter tolerance (implemented after consultation between the supply and demand parties).

  2. Curvature property of SPA-H steel

  SPA-H weather-resistant steel plate is curved in the length direction, and its curve is called bending degree with numbers. The bending degree specified in the standard is generally divided into the following two types:

  A. Local bending: measure the chord height (mm) with a one meter long ruler at the maximum bend of the steel plate, which is the value of local bending, the unit is mm / m, and the expression method is 2.5mm / m . This method is also applicable to the bending of the plate end.

  B. The total bending degree of the whole length: Use a thin rope to tighten from both ends of the board, measure the maximum chord height (mm) at the bend of the steel plate, and then convert it to the percentage of length (in meters), which is the length direction of the steel plate Full length curvature.

  For example: if the length of the steel plate is 8m and the maximum chord height is 30mm, then the total bending of the plate should be:

  0.03 ÷ 8m × 100% = 0.375%

  SPA-H weather-resistant steel sheet processing manufacturers, we have manufacturing SPA-H steel plates and sheets for decades. Welcome to come and visit our factory.

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