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ASTM A285 Grade C Carbon Steel Plate

ASTM A285 Grade C Carbon Steel Plate

  ASTM A285 Grade C plates are carbon steel with low-and intermediate-tensile strength.The material has good forming and welding characteristics under conventional methods. A285 Grade C carbon steel plate is intended for fusion-welded pressure vessels.

  The steel plate under ASTM A285 ranges in three grades, A, B and C, most common use is ASTM A285 Grade C steel. ASTM A285 Grade C plates shall be made by killed, semi-killed, capped or rimmed steel practices at manufacturer's option.

  For killed carbon steels only refer to below ASTM specifications.

  A 299/A 299M: Carbon steel manganese silicon pressure vessel plates.

  A 515/A 515M: Carbon steel for intermediate and higher temperature services of pressure vessel plates.

  A516/A516M: Carbon steel for moderate and lower temperature pressure vessel plates.

  Maximum thickness of plates is limited to 50 mm [2 inch] for all grades.

  Chemical compostion (%, by heat analysis)

Grade C max. Si Mn max. P max. S max.
A285gr.C 0.28 0.08-0.45 0.98 0.035 0.035

  Mechanical properties for ASTM A285 Grade C plates

Thickness Min Yield strength Tensile strength Elongation
6-50(mm) 205 Mpa 380-515 Mpa 27 %
51-200(mm) 205 Mpa 380-515 Mpa 23 %

  A285 Grade C Plates Testing and retesting methods, procedures, dimension tolerance, mass, quality and repair defects, marking, loading and ordering information shall comply with A20/A20M.

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