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Application of steel pipe in marine engineering

Application of steel pipe in marine engineering

2022-02-17 11:02:26The application of steel pipes in marine engineering is very common. There are roughly three types of steel pipes in the two major systems of shipbuilding and marine engineering: conventional steel pipes, structural steel pipes and special-purpose steel pipes.

1. Conventional steel pipe

Different ships and marine projects have both conventional systems and special systems.The service life of a ship is generally 20 years. There are many conventional systems, mainly including bilge water and ballast systems. Special ships also include special systems for transporting liquefied petroleum gas and liquefied natural gas. The service life of steel pipes in offshore engineering is at least 40 years. In addition to conventional systems in offshore engineering, there are also special drilling and production equipment systems, crude oil, liquefied petroleum gas, and liquefied natural gas processing process systems.

According to statistics, the annual consumption of pipes for ships reaches 5 million tons, about 500,000 pieces, and the standards are GB, YB, CB, and 70% of the pipes are connected with each other. The shipbuilding industry has also become a major user of the steel pipe industry.

2. Steel pipes in construction

The application of steel pipes in offshore engineering, in addition to the above conventional systems and special systems, many structures use steel pipes in large quantities, such as jackets, risers, underwater steel piles, helicopter platforms, mooring brackets, flare towers, etc. This type of steel pipe has many specifications and high material, with the same diameter, different wall thickness, different diameter, and a large number of Y, K, T-shaped pipe joints. Their materials are E36-Z35, D36-Z35, E36, D36.

3. Steel pipes for special purposes

The special-purpose steel pipe refers to the steel pipe used in a specific working environment and working medium.

Among them, the submarine oil pipeline is a typical special steel pipe, which is in great demand and has the characteristics of high strength, good corrosion resistance and small tolerance.

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