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A537 Class 3 Carbon Steel Plates

A537 Class 3 Carbon Steel Plates

A537 Class 3 steel is a heat-treated, carbon manganese-silicon, pressure vessel steel plate grade.. As for heat treatment, A537 Class 3 carbon steel plate shall be quenched and tempered. The tempering temperature for Class 3 plates shall not be less than 1150°F[620°C]

ASTM A537 Class 3 Steel Plate Specification :

Width: 1000mm-4500mm
Thickness: 5mm-150mm
Length: 3000mm-18000mm
Supply Condition : As Rolled, Normalized Rolling, Furnace Normalizing, Vacuum Degassing, Simulated Post-Weld Heat Treatment or as per customer requirement.
Impact tested : -52° C
Tempering: Notch toughness can be improved by quenched cooling from hot rolling or normalizing by the supplier. If such a faster cooling rate is agreed upon between purchaser and supplier then the steel is also to be tempered at 1200 F.
Applications : Used for Boilers and Pressure Vessels Application.
Process of Manufacturing : Hot-Rolled (HR)

Features of A537 Class 3 Plates

These plates are manufactured using the best quality of raw material and A537 class 2 grades, therefore, these have high strength, corrosion resistance, resistant to oxidation, ductility, long functional life, and hardness. These plates can easily withstand in extreme environment and temperature, offering best results.
ASTM A537 Class 3 carbon steel plates are engineered to be used in pressure vessel applications. ASTM A537 Class 3 steel is a higher yield and tensile strength material used in the fabrication of pressurised vessels and steel boilers. the steel includes the alloying of carbon, manganese and silicon and is heat treated using the quenched and tempered method which gives the material its residual strength. Sourced by the world's leading fabricators, ASTM A537 Class 3 plate is a material used extensively by the oil, gas and petrochemical industry.

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