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A203 GrD steel for H2S absorption towers

A203 GrD steel for H2S absorption towers

A203 GrD (ASTM A283 Grade D) steel plate is an ultra-low temperature container plate. ASTM A203 is a low-nickel alloy steel, including five grades A, B, D, E, and F. Among them, D, E, F have a nominal nickel content of 3.5%, commonly known as 3.5Ni steel. A203D/E/F has good impact toughness and mechanical properties in a low temperature environment, and is usually used in a low temperature environment of -70~-101℃ (the quenched and tempered state can reach -107℃).

A203 GrD steel plate production specifications

Thickness: 8-110mm, width: 1600-4020mm, length: 6000-18800mm.
Delivery status of A203 GrD steel plate: Normalizing, normalizing and tempering or quenching and tempering treatment (quenching + tempering)

A203 GrD application range: It is widely used in the production and processing of equipment in the fields of cryogenic separation processing, air separation, and liquefied gas storage. Over the years, large-scale low-temperature equipment such as CO2 absorption towers, H2S absorption towers, H2S concentration towers, methanol scrubbers, etc. in domestic coal chemical projects have been manufactured using A203 GrD materials. The maximum thickness currently used is 110mm.

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