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DIN C50E/Ck50 steel structure,C50E/Ck50 steel structure Mechanical property

DIN C50E/Ck50 steel structure,C50E/Ck50 steel structure Mechanical property

DIN C50E/Ck50 steel structure is a kind of high quality medium carbon steel, used by the electric furnace, open hearth or pure oxygen converter process all static steel manufacturing . CK50 steel structure has the characteristics of microstructure uniformity.The steel carbon content (mass fraction, %) of 0.4 or higher, good wear resistance, ductility decreases, quenching distortion and cracking easily, so the quenching is extremely important, must be rapid cooling after tempering, to avoid the temper brittleness.By spheroidizing treatment, can improve the cutting performance of this kind of carbon steel.The C50E/Ck50 steel structure mould steel usually tempering to 19 ~ 22 HRC hardness after use, in order to increase its machinability .

C50E/Ck50 steel structure Chemical composition:
C(%): 0.47~0.55
Si(%): ≤0.40
Mn(%): 0.60~0.90
P(%)≤: 0.035
S(%)≤: 0.035
Cr(%): ≤0.40
Mo(%): ≤0.10
Ni(%): ≤0.40
Other(%): Cr+Mo+Ni≤0.63

C50E/Ck50 steel structure Mechanical property at different heat treatment practice:
Mechanical property ≥|σb/MPa: 630
Mechanical property ≥|σs/MPa: 375
Mechanical property ≥|δ(%): 14
Hardness /≥HBS (untreated): 241

C50E/Ck50 steel structure Manufacturing technique:
According to the steel grade and quality requirement, the melting of steel can adopt basic oxygen furnace, open- hearth furnace, electric arc furnace, electroslag remelting, vacuum degassing, and appropriate heat treatment.

C50E/Ck50 steel structure Finished goods condition::
hot forging/hot rolling + annealing/normalizing + tempering/quenching + tempering any other conditions based on the customer's requirement.
C50E/Ck50 steel structure Surface conditions: scaled (hot working finished)/ground/rough machining/fine machining based on the customer's special requirements.
C50E/Ck50 steel structure Furnaces for metallurgical processing: EAF + LF/ VD/ VOD/ AOD/ ESR/Vacuum consumable electrode.
Ultrasonic inspection: 100% ultrasonic inspection for any inperfection or based on the customer's requirement.

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