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Scope of ASTM A573 / A573M-05

Scope of ASTM A573 / A573M-05

ASTM A573 / A573M-05 applies to three tensile strength range of structural grade carbon - manganese - silicon steel, mainly for room temperature improvement notch toughness important use.
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 standard includes the maximum thickness of steel is 1.5in. (40mm).
If steel is to be welded, the precondition is that the welding process is suitable for the steel grade and the intended use. See A6 / A6M appendix X3 welding performance data.Values ​​expressed in inches-pounds or SI units shall be considered as a standard value. The SI unit is shown in brackets. Since the values ​​of the two unit systems can not be exactly equal, two unit systems must be adopted separately. Anyway, can not be mixed
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 Reference standard:
ASTM standard
A6 / A6M hot-rolled structural steel, steel, sheet pile and bar steel general requirements
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 Delivery of general requirements:
The material supplied by this standard shall comply with the requirements of the current version of A6 / A6M standards; this standard shall be given priority when clashing with A6 / A6M.
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 materials and manufacturing:
steel should be fine grain process.
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 Chemical composition requirements:
Melting analysis shall comply with the requirements specified in Table 1.
The tolerances of the finished product analysis of the elements required by Table 1 shall comply with the provisions of A6 / A6M.
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 Tensile properties requirements:
Tensile properties of steel sheets represented by tensile test specimens shall comply with the requirements specified in Table 2.
ASTM A573 / A573M-05 Keywords:
carbon steel; steel; structural steel; toughness; welded structure


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