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42CrMo steel heat treatment

42CrMo steel heat treatment

42CrMo steel plate belongs to plastic mold steel in mold steel in terms of material classification. It has good mechanical properties and machinability. It is widely used. There are mainly two types of materials, plate and round bar. The plate is used for mold processing. Production, round bars are used to directly machine parts by machinery, which has been recognized by the industry.
The 42CrMo alloy undergoes cryogenic treatment, which can precipitate highly dispersed ultrafine carbides from the quenched martensite, which can be transformed into carbides after subsequent low-temperature tempering at 200°C. Martensite without cryogenic treatment, after low-temperature tempering, only a small amount of carbides are precipitated in some local areas. The plate adopts low-temperature chemical heat treatment method. On the basis of maintaining the high hardness and high wear resistance of the plate, ion nitriding, gas nitrocarburizing, and salt bath thiocyanate are commonly used in low-temperature chemical heat treatment.
The three kinds of low-temperature chemical heat treatment infiltration layers have significant impact resistance and adhesion, and the salt bath thiocyanate co-infiltration is the best. The service life of the drawing die for plate-made stainless steel utensils after gas nitrocarburizing treatment is more than 30,000 pieces, which is more than 10 times longer than that of similar die with conventional quenching and tempering treatment.

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