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The different of S460NL and S460N ?

The different of S460NL and S460N ?

The impact temperature of S460NL is not lower than minus 50 degrees, the provisions of the minimum impact energy, with NL said, the impact temperature of S460N is minus 20 degrees.
The same series of steel: S420NN, S355NL.
S460NL is high strength plate, S460NL has a higher comprehensive mechanical properties especially in normalizing or normalizing and tempering state . S460NL used For large ships, bridges, power plant equipment, high pressure boiler containers, rolling stock, cranes, mines and other large welded structural parts.
There are more difference between S460NL and S460N. please contact katalor if you are looking for the supplier of S460NL and S460N.and get more knowledge about S460NL and S460N.

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