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Hot sale EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate in international market

Hot sale EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate in international market

EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate is Hot sale EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate in international market.EN10149-2 S355MC steel plate is a German low carbon alloy steel, comprehensive performance, low temperature performance, cold stamping performance, welding performance and cutting performance.
The application of EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate:
EN10149-2 S355MC Steel plate widely used in bridges, vehicles, ships, construction, pressure vessels. The yield value is about 355MPa. And the yield value decreases as the thickness of the material increases.
EN10149-2 S355MC Specification:
Thickness: 2mm--16mm
Width: 900mm--1850mm
Length: 2000mm to 12000mm
According to customer requirements
EN10149-2 S355MC steel plate Welding:
These steel grades can be welded both manually and using automatic equipment by means of all electrical welding processes provided the general technical rules are
observed. No major hardness increases appear in the heat-affected zone. Preheating
is not necessary under normal welding conditions and down to workpiece temperatures of +5 °C. Below +5 °C, pre-heating to 150 °C is recommended. The welding wires and electrodes approved in the respective strength category must be used as filler metals. In addition to this, the general meaning of the detailed information provided in ‘Stahl-Eisen-Werkstoffblatt’ (Iron and steel material sheet) 088 must be observed.
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