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12Cr1MoVR Steel and 16Mo3 Steel

12Cr1MoVR Steel and 16Mo3 Steel

Grade 12Cr1MoVR steel is a steel plate for medium and high temperature pressure vessels under GB713-2014 standard. The 12Cr1MoVR steel plate is smelted by an oxygen top-blown converter method, an open hearth method or in an electric furnace. Other equivalent methods may also be adopted after consultation with the demanding party. 12Cr1MoVR is mainly used in the manufacture of high pressure boilers and vessels.
16Mo3 steel plate is an EN10028-2 specified  pressure vessel steel grade chrome molybdenum steel alloy for applciation at elevated operating temperatures for the manufacture of industrial boilers and weldable steel in stainless steel pressure vessels in the oil, gas and chemical industries.
16Mo3 steel plate is a foreign trademark steel plate. It is not the same as other raw materials during welding. It must be preheated first, and the weld should be kept for about 30 minutes after the welding is completed. The 16Mo3 manganese steel sheet is also an important alloying element steel, which is an important hardenability element and it has a great influence on the weld metal.
EN10028-2 16Mo3 Steel Plate Features:
Heat resistance; corrosion resistance; when the Mn content is less than 5%, the patience of the weld metal is very high; when the Mn content is more than 3%, it is very brittle; when the Mn content is 60% to 180%, the weld metal has Higher strength and resistance.
EN10028-2 16Mo3 Steel Plates Application:
Widely used in petroleum, chemical, power station, boiler and other industries, for the production of reactors, heat exchangers, separators, spherical tanks, oil and gas tanks, liquefied gas tanks, nuclear reactor pressure shells, boiler steam drums, liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, hydropower stations High-pressure water pipes, water wheel volutes and other equipment and components. Also introduced advanced equipment, such as: flame cutting machine, welding machine, hydraulic machine, etc., can cut and weld all kinds of cutting parts, structural frames, boiler covers, heads, etc.

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