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QStE420TM steel structure Mechanical properties

QStE420TM steel structure Mechanical properties

QStE420TM steel machining parts
We can produce QStE420TM steel machining parts. With Katalor Enterprises production experience, strict control QStE420TM steel structure chemical composition and QStE420TM steel structure mechanical properties. we have the control of professional engineers. We have advanced precision machining equipment, according to the requirements of users machining. in order to achieve the most satisfied with the user requirements.QStE420TM steel structure is formed by Steel plate,Sheet, Flat bar,steel pipe etc.


QStE420TM steel machining parts chemical composition %

Grade Chemical Composition a (Heat Analysis) (%)
C Si Mn P S Alt Others
QStE420TM steel structure ≤0.12 ≤0.50 ≤1.50 ≤0.030 ≤0.025 ≥0.015 Nb≤0.09 V≤0.20 Ti≤0.15


QStE420TM steel structure Mechanical properties

Grade Tensile Testa 180°Bending Test b Diameter






Elongation (%)
L0=80mm,b=20mm L0=5.65√S0
Nominal Thickness(mm)
<3.0 ≥3.0 0.5a
QStE420TM steel machining parts ≥420 480~620 ≥16 ≥21 1a

QStE420TM steel work Mchining
Deep hole drilling: length max 9.8 meters.

QStE420TM steel work Range of work
Round bar steel: 1mm to 2000mm
Square-shape steel: 10mm to 1000mm
steel Plate/sheet:0.08mm to 800mm
Width: 10mm to 1500mm
Lenth: We can supply any lenth based on the customer's requirement.

QStE420TM steel machining parts Heat treatment:
Normalizing,Annealing,Tempering,Quenching,Hardening and tempering,Seasoning,Surface hardening,Carburizing

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