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Whats Grade 16MnDR Steel?

Whats Grade 16MnDR Steel?

Grade 16MnDR steel is a kind of low-temperature pressure vessel steel plate; 16Mn- means that the carbon content in the steel plate is about 0.16%, D- means low temperature, and R- means pressure vessel (usually, when a certain chemical element content in steel is high, it needs to be marked in the material. For example, 1.6% manganese is written as 16Mn), and 16MnDR steel plate is used for steel sheets for -40 degree pressure vessels.
Clean steel technology advantage
First-class steelmaking equipment, exquisite refining process, supplemented by VD furnace vacuum treatment, calcium treatment and other processes, to minimize the inclusions and gas content of molten steel, the steel plate has high purity characteristics.
Electroslag remelting technology advantages
Equipped with three 50-ton large-scale slab electroslag remelting equipment unique to China, which greatly reduces the content of harmful elements and inclusions in steel, effectively improves the defects such as looseness and segregation in the ingot, and the electroslag ingot steel sheet has high compactness. The "three high" features of high purity and high uniformity.
Thick plate TMCP process technology advantages
The research and development of the thick plate TMCP process, using microalloying technology, while improving the toughness of the steel plate, further improve the use characteristics of steel plate welding, molding.
16MnDR flaw detection, steel plate packaging, marking and quality certificate shall comply with the relevant provisions of GB247.
Flaw detection: For steel plates with a thickness greater than 20mm, the supplier shall perform ultrasonic inspection on a piece by piece basis. If the thickness is not more than 20mm, the supplier may also perform ultrasonic flaw detection by agreement between the two parties.

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