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What are the features of Q345B steel in steel structure usage?

What are the features of Q345B steel in steel structure usage?

Q345B steel plate is used for various large component steel plates to obtain the final structure by welding, such as bridges, steel structures, ship hulls, storage tanks, and large diameter pipelines. In these applications, the performance requirements of Q345B structural steel plates are: the strength must reach the design load, and the low temperature toughness is sufficient to prevent brittle fracture in the structure, while ensuring the welding performance of defect-free welded joints with good mechanical properties. Since the toughness and weldability of the plate are generally deteriorated by single alloying strengthening, it is necessary to optimize the comprehensive performance by appropriate process design.
In addition to adopting a wide range of alloy systems to obtain special comprehensive properties, a variety of treatment processes have also been used in Q345B steel plates production. Including offline heat treatment and online hot rolling + cooling process. In addition, due to the different cooling rates of different thickness steel plates and other process conditions, the thickness of the steel plate has a great impact on its mechanical properties. Therefore, different chemical compositions and manufacturing processes are required for different steel plate thicknesses.

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