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Spot NM360 wear plate factory

Spot NM360 wear plate factory

Material scientists have fully studied the wear plate and found that under high stress conditions (such as strong impact or extrusion load), the wear plate will be hardened to form a hard and wear-resistant shell to resist wear. However, the wear parts of many wear plates work in low and medium stress conditions, which cannot make the wear plates fully work hardened, so their wear resistance cannot be fully exerted.

How to improve the wear resistance as the spot NM360 wear plate factory?
Spot NM360 wear plate 
In terms of stress state, medium and low stress wear accounts for more than 90%, and high stress state wear only accounts for about 5%. It poses a challenge for the NM360 wear-resistant plate, requiring work hardening under low and medium stress conditions to resist wear. In order to increase the work hardening ability of the wear plate itself, four aspects of research have been carried out over the years to improve the wear resistance of the NM360 wear plate.

1. Refine the grains to promote the increase of dislocation density under stress.
2. Reduce the Mn content to reduce the austenite stability of the wear-resistant plate and achieve the ability to accelerate work hardening.
3. Add Cr, M, v, Ti and other elements to improve the performance of the wear plate, and basically disperse and precipitate carbides in the austenite to enhance the wear resistance.
4. Adding rare earth elements, on the one hand, can refine the grains, and more importantly, it can reduce stacking fault energy and increase processing capacity. 

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