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SAE1045 hot rolled plates spot

SAE1045 hot rolled plates spot

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SAE1045 cold rolled spot specifications:
Thickness: 0.2mm ~ 6.0mm
Width: 15mm ~ 620mm or 1000mm ~ 1250mm
Hardness: cold hard (hrb89 ~ hrb 105)
Soft state (hrb75 ~ hrb 85)
Hardened (hrc27 ~ hrc 60)
SAE1045 cold-rolled can be delivered surface treatment: blue, black, polished, bright, mirror surface
SAE1045 hot rolled plate spot specifications:
Thickness: 2.0mm ~ 12.0mm
Width: 15mm ~ 620mm or 1000mm ~ 1250mm
Hardness: delivery status of conventional steel mills (hrb95 ~ hrb 110)
Hot rolled soft state (hrb75 ~ hrb 85)
SAE1045 Vs 45# carbon steel  
In terms of carbon content, the 45# carbon steel weight is 0.01% less carbon than the minimum value of the ASAE1045 carbon steel. Howdver, in terms of manganese content, the American Standard contains 0.1% higher manganese content Mn than the minimum and maximum values in the National Standard. In addition, there are other alloy elements without corresponding agreement. Mn alloy in steel can improve the toughness, strength, hardness, wear resistance and wear resistance of steel. Improve the hardenability of steel and improve the hot workability of steel. Increased manganese content reduces corrosion resistance and welding performance.

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