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NVD steel plates technological process

NVD steel plates technological process

NVD (DNV Grade D) steel is an ordinary-strength hull structural steel. Its tensile strength is 400-520MPa. 
When purchasing NVD (DNV Grade D) steel plates and strips, you should try to choose specifications that are double the product blank. If it is a fixed-size product, when selecting plates and strips close to the fixed-length, you can order reasonable materials of fixed-length or double-length, and implement the blanking method of sleeve materials, which can significantly improve the utilization rate of the plates and strips.

NVD steel plate technological process:

Double-length slab storage → NVD slab cutting → fixed-length slab storage → slab loading → slab charging → slab heating → slab discharge → slab rough descaling → rolling fine descaling → steel plate cool down. ADCO→Hot sectioned shear section→NVD steel plate straightening→cooling bed air cooling→steel plate upper and lower surface inspection and grinding→steel plate trimming→steel plate cutting head and tail, to length, sampling→steel plate marking→finished product collection→finished product storage→ Flaw detection → warehousing.

Application range of NVD hull structural steel:

NVD hull structural steel has great covering and tolerance capacity, and can be used as roof panel, cover material and manufacturing container, oil storage tank, packing box, train box, automobile shell, industrial furnace shell, etc.: it can be tailored according to the requirements of use It can be combined with various structural parts and mechanical parts, and it can also be made into welded section steel, which further expands the use range of steel plate; it can be bent and stamped to make boilers, containers, punched automobile shells, civil utensils, appliances, It can also be used as a blank for welded steel pipes and cold-formed steel. Due to the above characteristics, the output of steel plate reaches more than 50% of the total output of steel.

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