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NM500 wear-resistant plate manufacturer provides welding service

NM500 wear-resistant plate manufacturer provides welding service

NM500 wear-resistant plate is used for the processing and manufacturing of wear-resistant and vulnerable parts for mines and various engineering machinery. As a leading wear-resistant plate manufacturer, we supply various shapes and sizes of NM500 steel plates. 
The production method of NM500 wear-resistant plate is also relatively simple. Generally, flux-cored welding wire is used for surfacing. Now this production process has been widely used. Now the thermal efficiency of metal surfacing is similar to that of submerged arc surfacing, but the former also has its own Some advantages, because the wear-resistant plate does not require the rust removal process, it can be directly welded on it, and there is no need to add other fluxes during the surfacing. The whole process is relatively simple and convenient for us, and the surfacing is completed. There is no need to clean up a lot of welding slag in the future, it is still a very simple and convenient method.

A small amount of alloy powder materials are used in the surfacing process of NM500 wear-resistant plates. These materials can ensure that the wear-resistant liner will have a high hardness afterwards, can hinder the effect of some particles of fiber cutting, and improve the matrix Wear resistance, the impact is still expressed. It has high application value for us. After welding, the surface is very smooth and the shape is very good. It has great application value for practical applications.

The surfacing process of NM500 wear-resistant plates has requirements for current, voltage and welding speed. These factors will determine the final surfacing effect. The diluted composition also has a decisive influence on the structure and performance of the welding layer. Surfacing welding is also divided into straight-line welding and step-by-step welding, the specific welding mode should be set according to our and your needs.

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