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Mechanical properties and microstructure of welded joints of SA516 Gr70 steel

Mechanical properties and microstructure of welded joints of SA516 Gr70 steel

The tensile properties and bending properties of welded joints of SA516 Gr70 steel are good under the given welding process conditions, which can meet the requirements of application properties. The fracture locations of tensile test were all weld, and the fracture surface was ductile fracture with dimple morphology. The second phase particles or inclusions in dimples were mainly MC type carbides and SiO.


SA516 Grade 70 low alloy steel is widely used in petroleum refining plant, storage vessel, transportation pipeline, nuclear reactor, ship bridge and other large-scale structures for its good weldability, impact toughness, corrosion resistance and crack resistance. Microstructure is the main factor affecting the properties of materials. the microstructure of steel SA516 Gr70 after normalizing is typical pearlite and ferrite with good impact toughness. As a key part of large structures, welded joints are often the thinnest and weakest regions. Besides the influence of the base metal itself on the weaving and properties, the welding process parameters also have a direct effect on it. At present, the microstructure of welded joints of SA516 Gr70 steel and There are few reports on performance studies.


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Pre: Thickness :3-15Thickness :3-150mm ,ABS AH36 shipbuilding steel plate

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