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Comprehensive understanding of API 5L X70 steel pipe

Comprehensive understanding of API 5L X70 steel pipe

API 5L X70 steel pipe is a high-quality piping material in the API 5L standard specification. API 5L X70 steel pipeis widely used in pipeline transportation systems in the petroleum and natural gas industries. API 5L X70 steel pipeincludes the requirements for the manufacture of two product specification level (PSL1 and PSL2)

The minimum yield strength of API 5L X70 steel pipe is 70,300 psi or 485 Mpa. The current X70 steel pipes are all controllable microalloyed carbon-manganese steels. Microalloying elements are mainly Nb, V and Ti, and the total content of microalloys does not exceed 0.15%. Therefore, the structure of API 5L X70 steel pipe is composed of acicular ferrite and bainite, and generally has good welding performance.


a. High strength

b. High resistance to dynamic tearing

c. High low temperature impact toughness

d. Low ductile-brittle transition temperature

e. Acid service suitability

f. Economy and long lasting

The excellent performanceof API 5L X70 steel pipe is due to the ultra-low carbon acicular ferrite structure, high density dislocations interact with fine precipitation.

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