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Cold rolled sae1045 strip hardness requirement in production

Cold rolled sae1045 strip hardness requirement in production

The Bangladesh customer initially purchased SAE1045 cold-rolled steel strip, which has high requirements for hardness. However, in the production overshoot, it is found that the hardness fluctuates greatly. The hardness required by the user is hrc28~hrc32, but the actual fluctuation is hrc25~hec37 degrees, which makes the product extremely unstable. And because it is cold-rolled hard, in the bending production of sae1045 steel strip, there are often cracking phenomena, the raw material structure is poor, and the production is too hard, and the production is unstable.
We analyze the products given by users. First, use sae1045 cold-rolled steel strip stretch material for production, and then use the product quenching plan. It is not feasible, because the product has a bending angle requirement, this plan will cause slight product Deformation does not meet user requirements. In addition, under the hardness of hrc28~hrc32, this product has a certain yield strength and elongation requirements after fracture. So based on our company's original experience in supplying automobile manufacturers, we recommended our quenching and tempering material to him, using advanced austempering, which not only has stable hardness, but also can obtain better cold forming performance.
sae1045 cold rolled steel strip customized: As for the delivery date, the user is more anxious. According to the conventional delivery date, it is generally about 45 days. After that, we communicated with the production in time and properly arranged the rough processing of the raw materials. After many coordinations, the user's raw materials were finally satisfied. For the urgent demand, we will first supply 3 tons of sae1045 cold-rolled steel strip with 0.95mm for trial use in the past. If there is no problem, continue to supply the remaining 50 tons of raw material demand.

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