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What Is The Role Of Complete Annealing And Diffusion Annealing Of NM400 Wear Plates

What Is The Role Of Complete Annealing And Diffusion Annealing Of NM400 Wear Plates

Grade NM400 steel is a wear resistant steel plate. Katalor can supply NM400, NM450, NM500, NM550 plates. Today, we talk about the role of complete annealing and diffusion annealing of NM400 wear plates. 

Complete Annealing Of The NM400 Wear Plate

In order to improve the poor structure of NM400 steel in the hot forging, hot rolling, welding or casting process due to excessive temperature, such as coarse crystal, Wei's structure (large ferritic growth with directional growth The body or the band structure, etc., to refine the grain, improve the mechanical properties, and reduce the stress and hardness, and complete annealing is required. The heating temperature is ten (20-50 ° C), usually heated at 830-880 ° C, and the furnace is cooled after 2 to 5 hours of heat preservation.

Diffusion Annealing Of NM400 Wear Plates

In order to reduce the chemical composition and microstructure non-uniformity of metal ingots, castings or forgings, it is heated to a high temperature and kept for a long time to fully diffuse the elements in the steel sheet. This process is called diffusion annealing, also known as diffusion annealing. Homogenization annealing. For NM400 steel, the specific process is: heating to above Ac1 above 125-150 °C (usually 1050-1150 °C), after 10-15 hours of heat preservation, the furnace is cooled. Due to the long heating cycle and high temperature of the diffusion annealing, although the composition of the steel is uniform, the microstructure of the steel sheet is severely overheated, the crystal grains grow sharply, and the toughness and plasticity are poor. Therefore, it is necessary to undergo a complete annealing or normalizing to fine Grains. Diffusion annealing consumes a lot of energy and is seriously burnt. It is often used for steel ingots and cast and forged blanks with high quality requirements.

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