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42CrMo Steel Plates Demand in Off-Season

42CrMo Steel Plates Demand in Off-Season

  Chinese strip steel price is stable, according to the monitoring data of steel cloud platform: Tangshan hot rolled 42CrMo steel strip (2.5*355mm) Tangshan Ruifeng 3920 is stable compared to yesterday; Tianjin hot rolled strip 4.0*(480-570) Tianjin Ronggang Delivered to Daegu, the price of 3965 was lower than yesterday's 10; Wuxi hot-rolled strip (2.5*355mm) Zhongtian 3990 was stable compared with yesterday, Laiwu hot-rolled strip 2.5* (232-355) Laiwu Steel 3890 fell 10 compared with yesterday, Tangshan Hot rolled small narrow belt reported 3890 is stable compared to yesterday.

  The domestic strip steel is stable. Today's 145 small narrow-band opening is stable compared with yesterday, the mainstream manufacturers reported 3890 yuan / ton, yesterday's transaction volume, today is still strong operation, downstream users multi-stage replenishment, coupled with the future market floating less, 145 strip steel price will be obvious, The downstream demand has been released to a small extent, and some enterprises have stopped selling and clearing. At present, there is a certain profit margin in the small narrow-band market. Although the downstream shelf management is in poor condition, the 145 strip steel can flow to the foreign market. In recent days, AEON After the completion of the inspection and resumption of production, the operating rate of small and narrow belts will increase and the supply pressure will increase;

  The mainstream of Tangshan 355 strip steel rose by 10 compared with yesterday. The medium-broadband market price increased by 20,355. The mid-band spot market price was not much changed compared with yesterday. The current snail held green shock, the business mentality was weak, but the pressure at the beginning of the month was relieved. Limited, the spot trading is relatively light, and it is about 10-20 in the morning. Due to the strict implementation of limited production by individual manufacturers, the delivery of the agreement quantity cannot be satisfied, and some specifications are still tight. The price of strip steel in the south China region is stable. Today, due to the low overall inventory resources and the high ordering cost of steel mills, Therefore, the price of 42CrMo steel plate does not increase highly.

  It is known from the traders that the demand for 42CrMo steel plates is not good in the off-season, and the merchants wait and see for a strong mentality. At present, the overall market turnover is weak, but the low inventory sales pressure is not large, the market as a whole is in a weak situation of supply and demand, or will be deadlocked for some time. On the whole, it is expected that the domestic steel strip prices will fluctuate in a narrow range tomorrow.

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