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12Cr1MoVR Steel Plates Manufacturing

12Cr1MoVR Steel Plates Manufacturing

R: The first letter of the Chinese pinyin. 12Cr1MoVR steel has special composition and performance, mainly used for pressure vessels.  GB713 12Cr1MoVR steel material is a medium-temperature anti-hydrogen steel for pressure vessel, 12Cr1MoVR steel is a Cr-Mo alloy steel, which is widely used heat-strength steel and anti-hydrogen steel. Because of the addition of alloying elements such as Cr and Mo in low carbon steel, the overall performance of the 12Cr1MoVR steel is greatly improved, such as good high temperature mechanical properties, high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, processability and weldability. 
12Cr1MoVR steel plates delivery status: 12Cr1MoVR delivery status is normalized and tempered.
12Cr1MoVR steel plates smelting method: 12Cr1MoVR alloy steel is smelted by oxygen converter or electric furnace, and the refining process should be carried out by continuous refining process. The compression ratio of steel ingot is not less than 3, and the compression ratio of electroslag remelting billet is not less than 2.
12Cr1MoVR steel size, shape, weight and tolerance shall comply with the provisions of GB/T709

12Cr1MoVR Steel Plates Manufacturing Advantages:

The thickness deviation of the steel plate should meet the requirements of Class B deviation of GB/T709. According to the requirements of the purchaser, it can also be delivered according to the Class C deviation of GB/T709. The steel plate is delivered according to the theoretical weight, and the density of the calculated steel plate is 7.85g/cm3.
Ultrasonic testing of 12Cr1MoVR: 12Cr1MoVR steel plate should be ultrasonically tested according to the requirements of the purchaser. The detection method is performed according to JB/T4730.3 or GB/T2970.
Advantages of clean steel technology: First-class steelmaking equipment, exquisite refining process, supplemented by VD furnace vacuum treatment, calcium treatment and other processes, to minimize the inclusions and gas content of molten steel, the steel plate has high purity characteristics.
Advantages of electroslag remelting technology: equipped with three 50-ton large-scale slab electroslag remelting equipment unique to China, which greatly reduces the content of harmful elements and inclusions in steel, effectively improves the defects such as looseness and segregation in the ingot, and electroslag ingot The finished steel plate has the characteristics of “three highs” with high density, high purity and high uniformity.
Advantages of thick plate TMCP technology: The research and development of the thick plate TMCP process, using microalloying technology, while improving the toughness of the steel plate, further improve the use characteristics of steel plate welding, molding.

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